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At Amoré, we have a wonderful group of dedicated, talented and professionally trained staff ready to help you on your musical journey.

As a studio, we believe that music is about enjoyment, confidence and having fun. We believe that anyone can learn how to play music or sing, given the correct training and drive to do so. It is most important to us as teachers that students enjoy their lessons, and are excited to learn new technique and repertoire in order to improve their own confidence.

Lessons are catered to each individual student and hence, teachers may be focusing on a variety of different things in each lesson, including (but not limited to):

- Musicality - including reading music and how to improve pitch and rhythm

- Vocal Technique - including breathing, posture, vocal production and projection

- Song Lyrics - how to interpret the lyrics and appropriately emote them to create a more genuine performance

- Nerves/Performance anxiety and confidence

We work with all ages and abilities, and offer a free initial trial lesson to new students. We would love to invite you along to try a lesson!


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