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Musical Theatre Classes 

At Amoré, we offer five Musical Theatre Classes a week, to cater for a variety of ages and abilities. As a whole, our Musical Theatre classes place a focus on Singing, Drama, Movement and creativity - every class works to produce their own mini musical to perform at our annual concerts

Mini Music Theatre

Dive into the enchanting realm of musical theater with our specially tailored classes for 4-6 year olds! Led by experienced professionals, our program transforms learning into an engaging adventure filled with laughter and creativity. Through the magic of games and fun activities, your little ones will sing, dance, and act their way into the world of performing arts. Our skilled instructors create a nurturing environment where every lesson feels like playtime, fostering a love for music and storytelling. But the excitement doesn't end there – our tiny performers will embark on imaginative journeys as they learn the basics of self-devising through interactive games, turning their creative sparks into mini-musical masterpieces. Join us for a joy-filled experience where every giggle, every dance, and every imaginative moment brings your child closer to becoming a star!

Junior Music Theatre

Embark on a magical musical journey with our specialised musical theatre classes, designed for budding talents aged 8-11! Led by experienced professionals, our program caters to the developmental needs of this age group, fostering a nurturing environment where skills blossom and creativity flourishes. In each session, your young stars will engage in a delightful mix of singing, drama activities and movement, honing their skills while having a blast. Our focus is on the unique developmental stage of 8-11 year olds, encouraging their natural curiosity and self-expression. But the excitement doesn't stop there.- our program introduces the enchanting world of self-devising, allowing these young artists to explore their own creativity in writing and performing. Parents, watch as your children take their first steps toward becomign confident performers. Join us in crativing a foundation for a lifelong love of musical theatre, where every playful note, every expressive movement, and every imaginative storyline contributes to their blossoming skills and joy-filled learning experience!

Senior Music Theatre

Elevate your teenager's passion for the arts with our exhilarating musical theatre classes, an empowering journey that goes beyond the stage! Tailored for teenagers, our program is led by experienced professionals who guide participants through a dynamic blend of singing, drama activities, and movement. As your teen hones their vocal prowess and dramatic flair, they will also dive into the captivating worlds of playwriting and directing, unlocking the secrets of storytelling and stagecraft. Our classes don't just teach; they inspire creativity and nurture leadership skills. In the spotlight of self-devising, teenagers will embark on an exciting exploration, crafting their own theatrical works from concept to performance. It's a unique opportunity for parents to witness their teenagers flourish, gain confidence, and expand their horizons. Join us in fostering a love for the performing arts that extends far beyond the classroom, where each session is a stepping stone towards a future filled with artistic accomplishment and personal growth!

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