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At Amoré, we are dedicated to nurturing your musical journey with our team of passionate and professionally trained flute instructors.

At Amoré Music, we believe that music is a journey of enjoyment, confidence, and personal growth. We're firm believers that anyone can learn to play the flute with the right training and motivation. Our priority is ensuring that each student finds joy in their lessons, eagerly exploring new techniques and repertoire to enhance their musical abilities and self-assurance.

Lessons at Amoré Music are customized to meet the individual needs of each student. Our instructors focus on various aspects during lessons, including:

  • Musicality: Enhancing sight-reading skills and refining pitch and rhythm.

  • Technique: Mastering essential techniques for flute playing.

  • Stylistic Performance: Embracing diverse musical styles, from classical to contemporary.

  • Building Confidence: Overcoming performance anxiety and fostering self-confidence.

We welcome students of all ages and skill levels, offering a complimentary trial lesson to new students. Whether you're beginning your flute journey or seeking to refine your skills, we invite you to experience the joy of music with us at Amoré Music.


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